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Last updated on 14-03-2018

What is Portable Software

Now that you’re aware that usb flash drives aren’t just for transferring and storing data, there’s a whole new world out there for you to explore.
Your usb can be a life savior in a time of need (when your pc breaks down) or even a source of fun. The way to do it, is by using portable versions of your favorite software. If you don’t know what that is, get ready to get your mind blown away.
Portable software gives you all the fun, without the trouble of installing it. You can run any program you want, anywhere you want. You can clean your virus infected pc directly from your usb, use your internet browser with all your bookmarks anywhere you are, or run the program you want in a pc you don’t have administration rights (like at work or at school).

The process is really simple. Just find the portable version of the software you want and download it. Run the setup in the directory you want and you're good to go. Even though there's a setup installer, nothing actually's getting installed in your pc's registry. It just creates a folder and runs from it. That way, you can transfer the entire program from one folder to another just by copying and pasting it. Also, once you decide you don't need them anymore, there's no need for uninstalling. Just, delete the file and you're done. It's that simple!

But, the flexibility of portable applications doesn't stop here. You can run your favorite software everywhere you go without even carrying a usb stick. Provided that you have Internet access, you can store your portable software in a cloud and access it from anywhere you are. The process is the same. Just download the portable version of the program you want and store it in your cloud service (e.g. dropbox, Google Drive). However, you have to be super careful you don't mess up the syncing when updating your files. It is advised to turn off the cloud's sync and turn it on again when you're done with the changes. Of course, this option comes with some limitations, such as speed and the occasional crash. Overall, it's not the best practice since online storage clouds aren't build to run software. So maybe, it's best to stick to the usb or external hard disk option.

List of websites with portable software

PortableApps.com : Maybe the most popular portable software platform. The programs are categorised but the custom search option isn't the best. You can download each app individually, or you can use their launcher which updates automatically your software.

Portable Freeware Collection : User friendly environment with programs being categorised and searchable. No launcher here, but you can download them seperately.

LiberKey :  You can only download the software using their launcher, which you can synchronize with the online catalog for automatic updates and information. There are three different software suites to choose from, or you can download them manually from the catalog.

winPenPack : Another collection where you can download programs in groups or seperately. You can find native portable software or normal software that's been made portable by their launcher. Also, when downloding in your pc's hard drive there's no need even for the local install setup.

Bonus pack -

The must-have portable software any professional or aspiring tech needs to have with him at all times.

If you restore pcs for a living, or if you're the tech guru your friends rely on, this software list is essential. And on top of that they're all FREE!

With these portable apps in your usb drive you can be sure that you never go out unprepared. Just load them in your usb stick and be ready to be the go-to-person for pc emergencies.

Watch this space for future updates on portale software and different packs.

ClamWin Portable: Just plug your usb into the pc you want to scan, update the viruses databases and clean it from any malware. It scans on demand only so it's not recommended as a primary antivirus, but it's a useful tool when you're on the go. Click here.

Spybot - Search & Destroy Portable: It's a great clean up tool for any spyware, malware or addware you may have. A must have for everyone. Click here.

CCleaner - Portable: One of the most popular clean up tools, and for good reason! It scans and removes any unnecessary files, cookies, browser history and cache. Click here.

Remove Fake Antivirus: With viruses getting smarter and smarter it's possible sometimes to disguise themselves as anti-virus software and infect you. That's where this tool comes in and removes them.  Click here.

WebPassView: Did you forget your facebook password, but it's stored in your internet browser? No probelm! With WebPassView you can easily retrieve all username and password information that's stored in your browser. Click here.

Geek Uninstaller: Where Windows uninstaller fails, this small sized tool comes and saves the day. You can forcibly remove any stubborn program and be done with it for once and for all. Click here.

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