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How to transfer your bookmarks when changing computer for Chrome, Firefox and Edge

  It’s common knowledge that before you format your computer you always get a back up of your data. You […]

portable programs

What Are Portable Programs and How To Use Them

Portable software gives you all the fun, without the trouble of installing it. You can run any program you want, anywhere you want. You can clean your virus infected pc directly from your usb, use your internet browser with all your bookmarks...

port 80 conflict

Wamp port 80 coflict

The worst thing that can happen to a begginer after successfully installing wamp (or xampp) for the first time, is for it not to work. What's even worse than that, is to get "the white screen of death". Usually, the reason for that is a conflict with port 80.


How to make a bootable usb, the easy way

In the past, creating a bootable usb, it was complicated and time consuming. Today, there are plenty different tools to make one in no time. In this tutorial you'll find the best way to create a bootable usb stick using free utility Rufus.

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